How to Lose Weight Fast in One Month

How to lose weight 2kg to 3kg in One Month

  • If you want to that how to lose weight fast in one month like 2kg or 3kg. So I am here to share my personal experience of weight loss. My weight was around 83kg in october 2022 and started home workout for my fitness. I faced some problems at the beginning because I have fat all over my body it takes too much time to lose and after one month following strit diet or exercise I lost 2kg of weight then my wight reached 81kg.
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Here are some point you have to follow Strictly

  • Basically you need to understand that how many calories or what type of food, drinks you are consuming before your started working out. Because this will help you to achieve your goal. If you are dedicated to loose weight try this challenge
  • After thinking about this you will definitely know that What were you doing right and what were you doing wrong. So here I am just indicating that If you know that “this perticular thing which I was doing wrong so you will have to be strict to ensure that you will not eat or drink this again. for example if you used to take around 5000+ calories in a day in form of biscuits,namkeens,burger,pizzas kachori,momos,parathas etc.

Here are some exercise and normal healthy diet that you have to follow strictly

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  1. I wake up early in the morning and then have luke warm water with honey (You can also take a little bit of lemon juice according to your interest)
  2. If you have bicycle and have time for cycling then you should start cycling. No matter that you are doing cycling at morning or at night. just do it. I did not do it because i have no bicycle.
  3. You can do Skipping around 500 skips. (I did around 1000 skips in a day)
  4. You have to strict ban on my sugar and fast food intake. like sweets, momos, burger & pizza.
  5. No refined flour like maida or item which with this etc.
  6. 2 chapatis with curd in lunch and some salads. I follow this because I have a routine life means office 9 to 5 job life.
  7. In evening you can take a green tea around 6pm and In dinner you can take oats, bread with butter or 2 chapati with sabzi. Basically In dinner you need to take light meal in comparison of you are taking before starting workout.
  8. After taking dinner you should walk 20 minutes or cycling 10 minutes.

  • At the end of this If you follow all the things mentioned above, then I am definitely sure you will lose weight around 2kg to 3kg. So my friends I hope you liked this blog and I hope that you will follow this strictly to lose weight.

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